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Highlighted features of DISQOVER: Pt 1

One simple and user-friendly interface

ontoforce - disqover - product screenshot - simple interface

DISQOVER aggregates data from disparate data sources, so you no longer have to visit different websites. DISQOVER always shows the data provenance.

Type your keyword(s) and start searching public, private and third party data, all in one place.

Data disambiguation

Typically, a search will also return a lot of less relevant results. Semantic data types help you to find the needle in the haystack.

DISQOVER goes beyond the keyword search and provides all available data types from which to choose, so you can continue your search in the right direction.

ontoforce - disqover - product screenshot - data disambiguation

Start searching 130+ open databases through one simple and user-friendly interface.

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Highlighted features of DISQOVER: Pt 2

Use dynamic filters

ontoforce - disqover - product screenshot - dynamic filters

Filters let you dynamically refine your search results and create different filter options.

Filters and customizable visualizations – graphics, plots, tables, charts, maps and more – give a clear overview of the selected search results.

Discover the power of linked data

Through the semantic technology of DISQOVER data is linked in multiple directions, coming from and going to different data sources.

Relationships between disparate data points become more apparent and lead to new insights which would otherwise have stayed hidden.

ontoforce - disqover - product screenshot - linked data

Save, edit, rerun, export and share your searches

ontoforce - disqover - product screenshot - save export

Save your search queries.

Rerun your saved searches.

Export your search results to a CSV file.

Share your search and collaborate on it.

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