Integrating public data via federation

Integrating public data via federation

With DISQOVER’s federated search technology, you can benefit from a single, unified data exploration environment that integrates your own data with the widest possible range of public databases. Depending on your needs, you can use Remote Data Subscription or Federation to integrate data from the public domain.

Enrich you data with public data

There is a vast amount of information in the public domain that can support and enrich your data – publications, patents, organizations, etc.
In DISQOVER, you can leverage this public information in several ways:

  • Search. Public data becomes searchable just like your own data.
  • Integrate. If public data sources have complementary information about a concept contained in your data (e.g a chemical compound), you can integrate that information into a single, enriched concept.
  • Link. If public data sources have information that is related to concepts in your data (for example, publications aimed at employees), DISQOVER can create links between these concepts.


There are two methods for integrating public data, which can be used separately or combined. With Remote Data Subscription, you can retrieve specific data sets and ingest them in the Data Ingestion Engine. This leaves you full freedom to make data integration choices. Federation is a just-in-time method to simultaneously search your own data and data from the public domain without retrieving or ingesting the data yourself.


Public data integration is unidirectional and encrypted. This means your own data always remains private and secured within your organization’s LAN.

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