Advanced Authentication & Authorization

Advanced Authentication & Authorization

Often, access to information must be stratified. DISQOVER offers a fine-grained, role-based data authorization model that can be configured to your precisely match your needs.

Support for Single Sign-On (SSO)

DISQOVER can be connected to an SSO service in our organization via the SAML-protocol. Access and data authorization roles can be automatically mapped to SSO groups, which means you can rely on your existing user directory without the need to redefine and manage users within the DISQOVER platform.

Sophisticated data authorization model

An advanced and fine-grained role-based data authorization model allows you to fine-tune who can see what information in your DISQOVER deployment. Examples include:

  • Restrict all information originating from a specific data source.
  • Restrict all information of a specific type (e.g. personal records).
  • Restrict specific properties (e.g. person names and identifiers).
  • Restrict specific records (e.g. persons who have not given consent).
Sophisticated data authorization model

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