Follow, Save and Rerun Data Links

Follow, Save and Rerun Data Links

Leverage the power of linked data. Drill deeper using the proposed existing and newly derived filters to refine your search results. Combine different filters to find detailed answers to complex questions.

Find and follow links between data

Follow logical links between related concepts and reveal new insights that would otherwise have remained hidden. Using the semantic technology of DISQOVER, data is linked in many ways, within and between data sources. For example, to find organizations with expertise on a specific disease, you might start from the “Disease” context before you follow a logical link to the “Organization” context.


Save and rerun your search navigations

We value your time. You can build on earlier work to gain efficiency, saving your searches for future use by yourself or others. Your navigation journey through all your linked data is saved and interactively visualized. It allows you to quickly repeat a search using different search terms, or to follow another link and explore data from a new angle.

Save and rerun your search navigations

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