Collaborate with Others

Collaborate with Others

Work efficiently in a way that suits you. Save searches and templates for future use, rerun queries with different inputs, and download the results in standard open-file formats. Share your searches, reports and dashboards with others to explore data and Insights with peers.

Share your work

Collaborate with colleagues and benefit from each other’s work. Whether these are dashboard templates containing relevant charts or complete searches and result lists or a curated set of interesting findings, you can quickly and easily share your progress and findings.

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Download the results

Store your findings or continue analyzing your data in a downstream application. You can save search results to your computer as a CSV or XLSX file, selectively picking elements of interest to include or batch downloading all features present in DISQOVER. For example, with a few mouse-clicks you can at any time import a result set into Microsoft Excel.


Download the results

Build a fully customised User Experience

As a data scientist, you can tune the DISQOVER user interface to reflect specific use cases, streamlining the user experience. You can declutter people’s workspaces by focusing only on the most relevant information and the most meaningful charts. Using multiple templates and preconfigured search journeys, you can differentiate between use cases and share the new customizations with all users or with a subset of users, ensuring the right templates reach the right people.

Individual users still have the ability to customize dashboards to suit their role and share the customized dashboards with others.

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Try the free Community Edition or upgrade to DISQOVER 6.10 Enterprise

Experience the DISQOVER 6.10 Community Edition right now:

  • Create a free account
  • Enjoy unlimited action to public data
  • Access ~150 data sources
  • Create your own dashboards and share them with peers

Contact us to unlock the full DISQOVER experience with the ability to link internal and third-party data sources to create a truly data ecosystem. 

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