DISQOVER 6.00: powerful knowledge discovery
DISQOVER 6.00: powerful knowledge discovery

The DISQOVER knowledge discovery platform empowers researchers, scientists and business users to link fragmented data sources with semantic search technology to quickly reveal previously hidden insights. With the latest release, DISQOVER 6.00, we offer even greater configurability, usability and efficiency, making the platform an integral part of your life sciences enterprise ecosystem.

A path through the information jungle

Massive volumes of information spread across multiple sources. New analytics tools popping up every day. The daunting tasks of data harmonization and integration. From drug discovery and clinical research to literature analysis and chemistry, every aspect of life sciences is fraught with data-related challenges.

DISQOVER gathers, transforms and orchestrates information from internal, third-party and public sources, transforming it into actionable insights and unlocking self-service knowledge discovery.

New in the latest release

DISQOVER 6.00 offers powerful new features that make actionable insights more accessible than ever.

  • The platform’s easy-to-use, configurable user interface tailors the process of discovering and exploring data insights to the user’s skill level.
  • A customizable search function offers data exploration “journeys” with immediate results that can be investigated further for deeper insights.
  • An extensive plug-in architecture, for smooth integration with third-party and custom tools.

Data insights for a competitive edge

Ready to bring actionable data insights to every level of your organization, make fully informed strategic decisions and reach the market faster than ever?

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