Webinar: DISQOVER, The Linked Data Platform
  • 31st of March
  • 4.00 - 4.30PM CEST / 10.00 - 10.30AM EDT
  • Online webinar
Webinar: DISQOVER, The Linked Data Platform

Integrating data from silos to support real-time insights is a real challenge, especially with large and complex data sets. For example, over the next years, over 500 million new apps will be developed and strikingly, 73% of all generated data will remain unanalyzed because it is siloed, not ready for interoperability and re-use!

Learn how to empower data-driven decisions, drive your companies’ innovations and speed up cycle-times!

How to extract knowledge out of all your data?

With DISQOVER, ONTOFORCE has developed an innovative, self-service, linked data platform that delivers trusted and timely insights for end users.

During this webinar will demonstrate how DISQOVER connects your siloed internal, licensed and public data, enabling everyone to securely extract, integrate, and analyze data faster.  Bringing simplicity to complexity. The demonstration will use the DISQOVER Knowledge Graph, containing over 10 billion data elements retrieved from over 140 different public data sources. Register and learn how to create value of out your data!

We hope to meet you there!