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As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds, our collective worldwide knowledge about this virus and how to mitigate it is growing every day. Yet it can become a full-time job just to keep up with the latest developments, and the risk of making decisions on poor, out-of-date or incomplete information creates more uncertainty in an already uncertain world.

To help address this challenge, ONTOFORCE is beta releasing a special edition of our platform: the DISQOVER COVID-19 Edition. With new data sources specific to coronavirus, a daily refresh frequency, and no costs to access or use, we hope this helps everyone keep up to date with the rapidly evolving global knowledge base about COVID-19. Happy DISQOVERing!

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DISQOVER is the leading self-service knowledge discovery platform. Accessed by business users and research scientists alike, DISQOVER brings siloed data together into an attractive and engaging web application to help you find knowledge, insights and answers easily and efficiently. We invite you to learn more.

Why are we offering a COVID-19 edition? 
The DISQOVER COVID-19 Edition is our product response to the pandemic. We believe DISQOVER is ideally suited to integrate accurate up-to-date information related to COVID-19 from around the world. The platform is openly available, widely accessible and easily searchable to help everyone stay up to date.

What can I find in the DISQOVER COVID-19 Edition? 
Full-text scholarly articles, clinical studies and intellectual property documents relevant to COVID-19. Linked to this are related diseases and health conditions; genes and phenotypes; drugs, chemicals and active substances; and much more. More than 150 information sources and 335 million datapoints are available for your exploration.

How do I access the DISQOVER COVID-19 Edition?
The DISQOVER COVID-19 Edition is being offered free of charge. Simply click above to create your account. Be sure to check out our user manual to learn how to save your own DISQOVER searches, re-run them in the future, and share the results with others.

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