DISQOVER is now freely available for everybody

We are delighted to inform you that DISQOVER, our linked open data platform, is now freely available for everybody. All you need is to do is create an account on DISQOVER.com and you too can begin finding more open data. DISQOVER contains 110+ public data sources that are converted into 5 star, semantic data formats by ONTOFORCE and its partners.

Why are we doing this?

As open data enthusiasts and linked open data evangelizers, we believe that open data must stay truly open, also within our own platform DISQOVER. After all, we founded our company on the premise of helping patients through smarter and faster data access. Our free community license now builds further on that mission to make everyone a data scientist.

Why now?

We believe now’s the time to launch our free community license. After several investment rounds, ONTOFORCE got to the point where DISQOVER proved itself to be a stable and extremely intuitive top-notch linked data browser. This is widely recognized by our growing number of paying clients. But still, there was an underlying itch: our paid model was closing open data again, which was exactly the opposite of the philosophy we stand for.

Our business is picking up at a fast pace and our platform is proving its robustness and scalability. This enables us to honor again our initial pledge: make open data available for as many people possible.

Need more?

Of course, sometimes, within a professional context, you need more than just the open data. Know that DISQOVER can also unlock third-party data and your very own internal data. So, the free community license we’re launching now, is just one of three licenses available:

  • With a free ‘Community license’, a user can do searches, save them, share them and use all semantic filters to personalize his/her search for free. Some functionalities are limited due to server costs.
  • With a ‘Professional license’, a user pays a monthly fee to gain access to all the functionalities (including alerts, search history, export capabilities, reports and more enriched data access, …).
  • With an ‘Enterprise license’, we open up DISQOVER to all employees while we also link a company’s internal and third-party data, which is automatically enriched with all the public data. Every employee can mine every dataset within the companies’ firewall in a linked way. They can create reports across multiple data silos in an easy-to-learn way, taking into account different levels of access and security.

Enjoy your free Community license now

We invite everybody to use the free DISQOVER Community license and unleash the power of open data.

You can get your free access on www.DISQOVER.com.

Get your free DISQOVER access today and start searching 130+ open databases.