DISQOVER 6.00: unlocking self-service knowledge discovery
DISQOVER 6.00: unlocking self-service knowledge discovery

An abundance of data in life sciences has led to an explosion in the number of analytical tools available. In addition to the resulting paralysis of choice, market players also struggle with the many challenges that come with the flood of disconnected data. With the latest release, DISQOVER 6.00, we empower life sciences players to gain actionable insights from fragmented data sources through powerful data orchestration capabilities and self-service data discovery.

The big data jungle in life sciences

As the pace of digitalization increases, the volume of research data is growing and the life sciences and healthcare sectors are becoming more patient centric. Exciting new possibilities enabled by data – deep insights, personalized medicine, advanced monitoring – are becoming realities … in theory.

In practice, a number of obstacles still stand in the way, including:

  • information overload from all sides;
  • an overwhelming number of data analysis tools on the market and a fundamental lack of data science expertise;
  • an undeveloped approach to data strategy and harmonization;
  • the compliance- and time-related risks of deviating from “current standards” in drug discovery and clinical trials.

As a result, data – despite its abundance – is fragmented and disconnected. The tasks of linking, homogenizing and gaining insights from information require hard-to-find skillsets. And when patients enter the picture, imposing order on the chaos of information streams flowing between hospitals, care centers, pharmaceutical players and patients to deliver value seems almost impossible without huge investments in software and talent.

Bringing it all together

The DISQOVER knowledge discovery platform overcomes these obstacles through linked data, enabling life sciences organizations to quickly and easily collect, transform and orchestrate information from multiple sources to gain a complete, centralized view of all data.

The platform simplifies every process and workflow that touches data, replacing heterogenous standalone applications with a single, secure and integrated system. Easily share insights with colleagues, partners and customers.

Through a personalized user interface introduced in DISQOVER 6.00, users of all skill levels gain rapid access to data insights tailored to their specific purposes and levels of expertise – from business professionals to data scientists.

The power of personalized user experiences

The power of personalized user experiences

Imposing order on life sciences data chaos requires not only a powerful solution for data collection, harmonization, search, visualisation and analysis – but a customizable, easy-to-use interface.

DISQOVER 6.00 brings actionable data insights by offering unscripted knowledge discovery as well as high-impact, one-click answers to users without data science backgrounds.

With DISQOVER, life sciences organisations reap the benefits of:

  • Interactivity: an intuitive user experience offers a data exploration with immediate results that can be investigated further for deeper insights.
  • Versatility: the platform provides efficiency-boosting results to novice, general-purpose users and powerful features such as data pipelining and remote data integrations to data science experts.
  • Customizability: dashboard, reports, navigational journeys and even terminology can be easily adapted to an organization’s unique needs and user expectations.

The result: unparalleled productivity and actionable data insights at all levels.

Are you ready to transform your bottomless life sciences data lakes into knowledge that your business can act on? Access the free community edition of DISQOVER 6.00 for hands-on exploration, or get in touch with our team to schedule a personalized demo.