Information Security by design

Information Security by design

ONTOFORCE takes the security of your information as seriously as you do. Every aspect of the platform has been designed with information security in mind.

A secure deployment

The DISQOVER platform uses a secure and locked-down deployment model that safeguards the security of your data. It is installed on infrastructure that you fully control, either in an on-premise data center or in a virtual private cloud (VPC). The data you store in DISQOVER always remains in your LAN, and all security mechanisms that are in place in your IT infrastructure can be applied.

A secure product

DISQOVER was designed with all aspects of information security in mind. Key features include:

  • Secure user authentication.
  • Encrypted TLS channels for all communication.
  • Role-based application permission system, distinguishing end users, data scientists and administrators. Each role only has access to those capabilities they need to fulfill their role.
  • Extensive logging and reporting, enabling a wide range of security controls.
A secure product

Validated product development

Computerized system validation (CSV) is at the core of the application development and lifecycle management of DISQOVER. This is realized using an agile implementation of the V-model for validation, including risk management, user requirements management, automated tests at all levels, and user acceptance tests.
In addition, ONTOFORCE undergoes regular security audits, performed by an external auditor.


Disqover V-model Validation impression illustration


ISO 27001 compliance

ONTOFORCE developed its platform according to the ISO/IEC 27001 standard and is in the process of obtaining certification.

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