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WEBINAR – Create the unimaginable tomorrow

Create the unimaginable tomorrow: find out how DISQOVER is turning all your data into action instantly.
Join ONTOFORCE for this live webinar and learn how data is seamlessly integrated into a single user-friendly platform.

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WHITE PAPER: Semantic Search – From Big Data To Smart Knowledge

This white paper explores how semantic search is moving the life sciences industry to a new era of data research, and how a leading biotech company became involved.

Use case: ONTOFORCE - Case 1 - Large

The use case for a major biotech or pharma company

Consider a researcher inside a major biotech or pharma company, who needs to search whether a certain gene, biological target, or active compound has already been studied in previous projects within the company.

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ONTOFORCE’s mission is to turn everybody into a data scientist. With the help from our partners, we’re able to create a powerful, user-friendly semantic search tool, that makes a real difference to users worldwide.EIT Health