Our mission is to Effortless extract “information” from public, third party and private big data and present them in a way they can be easily interpreted and used to support smart decisions. Because more data means more insights, more innovation and, ultimately, more patients being helped.

Meet the management team

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” — Helen Keller.
ONTOFORCE and DISQOVER are made possible thanks to a group of wonderful and talented people, supported by our management team. Do reach out to us. Together with you, we can do even more.

Hans Constandt

CEO & Founder

Peter Verrykt

Operation support Director

Filip Pattyn

Scientific Marketing Director

Kenny Knecht

VP Technology

Sophie Demaesschalck

Financial Director

Sylvie Verbanck

HR Director

Paul Vauterin

VP Product Development

Bérénice Wulbrecht

Customers Project Director
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ONTOFORCE is always looking for people that are willing to make a difference. Want to help us make semantic search omnipresent? Check out our current vacancies or apply spontaneously.

Check our current vacancies

A brief history

ONTOFORCE creates and implements pioneering semantic search technology for information management. Our user-friendly data search platform DISQOVER builds uniquely intelligent links between heterogeneous data sources, allowing everybody to become a data scientist.

ONTOFORCE enjoys the support of well-reputed research institutes such as iMinds, UCSD (University of California, San Diego), MMLab University Ghent (BE), MIT and Harvard Catalyst Group.

Some milestones


ONTOFORCE is founded. A first proof-of-concept is developed.


DISQOVER V 1.99.1 through V 1.99.3 are launched. IWT increases its investment in ONTOFORCE.


DISQOVER V 3.00.0 through V 3.21.0 are launched with


IWT and iMinds invest in ONTOFORCE.


DISQOVER V 2.00.0 through V 2.03.0 are launched. ONTOFORCE receives a patent for its federated search technology.


DISQOVER V 4.00.0 planned for March 2018. ONTOFORCE releases it’s dymanic Visual Analytics dashboard environment.


DISQOVER V 1.00.0 and V 1.99.0 are launched. LRM and PMV invest in ONTOFORCE.


DISQOVER V 2.03.1 through V 2.05.1 are launched. DISQOVER’s federated search technology is launched. ONTOFORCE closes an additional round of funding.

Company profile

Download our company profile. Everything you always wanted to know about ONTOFORCE and our semantic search platform DISQOVER on a single page.


Meet our board

Our board members help realize ONTOFORCE’s business and organizational objectives through their experience, review and counsel.

Luc Vauterin

CEO and co-founder of SYNTAXON.
Board member since July 2013.
Luc’s focus is on biotech, bioinformatics and strategic business development.

Bernard Munos

Senior Fellow at FasterCures.
Board member since 2013.
Bernard’s focus is on drug discovery, new business models & disruptive innovation.

Kris Vandenberk

Senior Investment Manager at ParticipatieMaatschappij Vlaanderen. Board member since 2018.
Kris his focus is on  early-stage investments in technology startups.

Raf Roelands

Investment Analyst at Korys.
Board member since 2018.
Raf is focussed on investing in biotech and healthcare innovations which positively impact human health.

Dirk Pollet

Over 30 years of experience in international management functions in innovative diagnostics, biotech and pharma.
CEO of Multiplicom till sold to Agilent in January 2017.

Hans Constandt

CEO and Founder of ONTOFORCE.
Hans has a background in medicine, biotechnology, bioinformatics, software and data engineering.
More than 10 years experience in information integration and leading innovative global projects in the area of drug discovery in a pharma multinational.