The hidden treasures in research data

Posted by Bart Froyen on Mar 17, 2022 8:29:42 PM

Research-driven organizations spend too much time making (siloed) data actionable.  Adopting a linked data strategy allows them to gain a considerable competitive advantage. They will achieve a bigger impact in research from better integrated and higher quality data. Our DISQOVER platform has a track record of driving innovation by revealing the hidden treasures in research data and speeding up cycle time.


Our DISQOVER platform has a proven track record of driving innovation by unlocking new insights, reducing research time, and speeding up the go-to-market. DISQOVER reveals the hidden treasures in research data by transforming siloed data into a linked data ecosystem in one easy-to-use platform. This relieves the worries of data transfer and conversion. The transparency, performance and plug-in architecture make DISQOVER unique in its solution space. 



Currently, research-driven organizations are confronted with the “hidden data” dilemma. They know that certain information exists, but it is impossible for them to efficiently retrieve this information on demand. Therefore, they spend a lot of time joining different isolated data silos. This takes a significant bite out of the research budget and can consume up to 17% of total research time[1]. In addition, another 22% of time is needed for data cleansing. In summary, almost 40% of total research time is spent just preparing the required dataset before the research can actually begin. These figures only refer to existing data and leave out the discovery of new information nuggets, which may insert yet more delays in research time to value.

The data-related challenges


The era in which large data warehouses could fix the ever-growing need of bringing siloed data together no longer fits with the increasing diversity, volume and update frequency of data. Nor are such data warehouses sufficient to support the fast-changing end user questions and expectations. Instead, organizations require data being available quickly and at any level of granularity.  The design of a data-retrieving interface is an additional challenge as the way people want to consume data changes over time. In recent years, a Google-like approach featuring a simple intuitive interface with a powerful complex engine behind the scenes, has become the standard for incumbents and entrants alike.

Even more, organizations are realizing that simply putting a pile of diverse data into a data lake does not magically create meaningful insights. Further data integration, transformation, enrichment, and orchestration is inevitably required. Linking large complex data across on-premise and cloud sources – a situation many legacy enterprises face – is not a trivial problem to solve in and of itself. Poorly integrated data leads to poor business decisions, end-user dissatisfaction, and competitive disadvantage. Collectively, this risks slowing down innovation and growth.

Uncover the value by linking your data


Most organizations utilize many platforms and software. Some have thousands of servers and applications with petabytes of data in siloed big data repositories. In many cases, even locating information can be a task unto itself. With such diverse infrastructure and applications, manageability becomes a major challenge.  Organizations need to democratize access to data, allowing end users to leverage all data themselves in order to support faster and more accurate decisions.

The solution


The solution to structure and easily share information can be found in linking data through knowledge graphs. These graphs create tremendous opportunities in areas of enterprise data discovery, analytics, and scalable data integration. ONTOFORCE developed an innovative, self-service, linked data platform called DISQOVER, that delivers trusted and timely insights.  The DISQOVER platform helps end-users answer tough questions by combining knowledge from myriad data sources typically scattered across data silos.

Figure 1: The DISQOVER Architecture

DISQOVER uses the powerful concept of knowledge graphs to integrate, link, and structure data. Combined with semantic search, this allows you to:

  • - Provide a complete and singular view of data. Aggregate, transform, and orchestrate data from multiple data silos, to deliver trusted data across organizations to enable accurate and timely decisions.

  • - Democratize data access. A consistent and easy-to-use interface for self-service data discovery that enables end-users to blend, wrangle, and mash-up datasets.

  • - Securely share data with peers, customers, and partners. A unified data layer blends enterprise applications and datasets, allowing you to securely share insights regardless of the data location or format.

  • - Minimize big data complexity. Automate and integrate workflows to simplify deployments without the burden of dealing with stand-alone platforms, disconnected servers, or applications.

  • - Maximize interoperability within your existing data landscape. Connect DISQOVER with third-party platforms to leverage your existing IT landscape.

  • - Enable a global data fabric that transcends data centers and the cloud. Data lives everywhere, and centralizing data into big data lakes to support business insights is neither practical nor necessary. DISQOVER’s architecture supports unified and trusted insights across multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments.




DISQOVER provides new ways for research-driven organizations to transform into data-driven cultures. Investing in a linked data architecture will democratize data, support new insights, drive better analytics, and facilitate personalized analytics. Organizations who implement such a strategy, will accelerate their time to value by uncovering hidden insights in their siloed data. 



ONTOFORCE empowers data-driven decisions, drives innovation and speeds-up cycle time. We unlock and connect your siloed data into a linked data fabric. This enables everyone to securely integrate, analyze, and extract data faster, bringing simplicity to complexity. With DISQOVER, ONTOFORCE developed an innovative, self-service, linked data platform that delivers trusted and timely insights for end users.  The core of our mission is to build the most used data platform for connecting and searching fragmented global data to uncover hidden insights.



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