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Written on October 4th, 2016 by Hans Constandt

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DISQOVER is now freely available for everybody

We are delighted to inform you that DISQOVER, our linked open data platform, is now freely available for everybody. All you need is to do is create an account on DISQOVER.com and you too can begin finding more open data. DISQOVER contains 110+ public data sources that are converted into 5 star, semantic data formats by ONTOFORCE and its partners.

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Written on April 5th, 2016 by Filip Pattyn

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The gap shouldn’t be that wide between US and EU clinical trials

Human beings, and to a greater extent scientists, try to order items for a purpose. In biomedical sciences, probably no other subject is more diversely ordered or classified as human conditions or diseases – hereinafter abbreviated as ‘diseases’. None of these classifications claims to be the one and only truth or is able to serve all purposes. Instead, many classifications co-exist and are widely accepted – or enforced – by the various stakeholders in life sciences: lab scientists, clinicians, pharmaceutical and biotech firms, regulatory bodies, governments, etc. With different classifications come different definitions of terms even if they are highly similar or have exactly the same meaning.

But what about searching, comparing and analyzing similar data where different diseases classifications are applied? Or what about compiling data about diseases that are produced and maintained for a specific purpose?

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Written on August 26th, 2015 by Hans Constandt

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Getting smarter with semantic search

How well is data and information management handled at your company? Are you using Big Data? Have you heard of semantic search? These were some of the questions we asked people at the Knowledge For Growth 2015 convention (May 2015). As a semantic search company, we learned that there’s still some education to be done around it. But, looking at it positively, semantic search is considered to be a highly relevant asset for many people within the life sciences industry. Here are the results of our survey.

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ONTOFORCE - DISQOVER - Blog Article - workshop Knowledge for Growth 2015 - part 2

Written on June 18th, 2015 by Hans Constandt

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Our workshop, ONTOFORCE at Knowledge For Growth 2015 – part II

Around 40 participants joined us for our ‘Big Data Workshop: Getting knowledge out of (Big) data’. Hans Constandt, CEO, and Filip Pattyn, Product Manager and Bioinformatician at ONTOFORCE, introduced and demonstrated DISQOVER – our platform to quickly discover insights out of vast amounts of data.

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