ONTOFORCE joins ‘PharmaTec Series 2019’ in London

Posted by Bart Froyen on Mar 17, 2022 8:33:33 PM

ONTOFORCE joins ‘PharmaTec Series 2019′ in London, where Martijn Adriaens, Filip Pattyn and Hans Constandt will talk about FAIR data (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable).

FAIR has gained traction leveraging data integration and harmonization to help identify new insights in hidden data and a metadata enabled foundational layer for AI. The challenges range from transforming existing datasets into FAIR data to enhancing FAIR applications and data services including AI techniques.

“It’s key that data sets are both human and machine-readable.”

As part of the Big Data Program on the 25thof September, Hans Constandt will talk about data surrealism in times of FAIR data; how to create a pragmatic approach to generate more value with your data?

  • - Taking advantage of FAIRified internal and external data

  • - Self-service search, analytics and reporting with more FAIR data

  • - Direct benefits, value and ROI for pharma and healthcare


Thursday the 26th of September Filip Pattyn and Hans Constant will moderate the roundtable discussion about FAIR data; Why going for FAIR data? What’s the effort and what do I get from it?

  • - Where to start with internal data?

  • - What are the requirements for success?

  • - What have we learnt already?

  • - What can help to streamline the process?


ONTOFORCE’ linked data platform DISQOVER makes it possible to simultaneously aggregate results from data residing at public and private sources that otherwise would have to be collected or searched separately, thereby improving end-user’s efficiency.  If you want to learn more about FAIR data and our linked data platform DISQOVER, come & meet us at booth16 at PharmaTec 2019 or click here.



How a new approach to data management can boost efficiency and lead to better decision-making in drug development.


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