FAIR data at work at the 2019 Bio-IT World Hackathon

Posted by Ontoforce Team on Mar 17, 2022 8:34:24 PM

This conference in Boston is the place to be for more than 3,400 attendees, typically biopharma R&D directors, data experts and software enthusiasts from all over the world. ONTOFORCE has been an active participant at the conference and hackathons, acting as FAIR advisors, hackers and, this year also, as a sponsor of the evening event.    

FAIR has gained traction leveraging data integration and harmonization to help identify new insights in hidden data and empowering AI. The challenges ranged from transforming existing datasets into FAIR data to enhancing FAIR applications and data services.

ONTOFORCE advised all teams and actively participated in two challenges: one from The Jackson Laboratory where data, applications and services were FAIR-ified using our DISQOVER smart linked data ecosystem. We built a data catalog where everyone can easily create knowledge graphs and wrap these in API calls, in order to launch external (AI) services like the one used here at Lifebit. Resulting data is then re-ingested in DISQOVER so that everyone can immediately see and easily navigate through the results.

In the “DOE JGI, Genomics Data Set” challenge from the ‘Joint Genome Institute’ (JGI) and the ‘US Department of Energy’ (DOE) the team normalized environmental meta-data of meta-genomic projects to the EVO ontology, using an API service and extending data FAIR-ness in our DISQOVER platform.

All teams learned a lot from the different challenges, resulting in great networking and delivering effective FAIR data platforms in just 1.5 days. The teams will follow up these initiatives, and we can hardly wait for further results and next year’s edition!

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