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Posted by Ontoforce Team on Mar 17, 2022 8:33:49 PM

Vast quantities of data characterize the life sciences sector – but few players have the orchestration capabilities needed to transform data into knowledge. With the launch of DISQOVER 6.00, we enable life science organizations to integrate internal, third-party and public data sources, harmonize fragmented data and apply semantic search, automation and analytics functionalities. This boosts their ability to discover comprehensive, high-value, actionable insights.




Fragmented siloed data, lack of data expertise or a limited data collection and harmonization strategy can place actionable insights far beyond the reach of even highly digitalized life sciences companies. At the same time, hundreds of data analysis tools are available, adding complexity to chaos.

The solution to this multifaceted challenge: a powerful analytics platform that simplifies the logistics – and transforms the experience – of gaining actionable insights from disparate data sources. Enter DISQOVER 6.00, a versatile platform that can be configured from within the user interface and adapted to a wide range of use cases, with advanced capabilities for data scientists as well as rapid one-click results for business users.

Empowering without overwhelming




  Accessible via an engaging, intuitive user interfaceDISQOVER   6.00 creates interactive data discovery that rely on semantic and   linked data concepts while shielding the user from underlying   complexity. Visual dashboards display insights in an understandable  way and encourage further exploration without overwhelming users.

All user views and navigational journeys can be customized to the expectations and use cases of the end user. Even more, self-service customization empowers expert users from within your organization to design tailored views for their colleagues and peers.

The platform’s comprehensive integration with public and proprietary data sources can also be configured as needed while retaining data provenance and traceability. Advanced features such as third-party integrationself-service data ingestion and the possibility for multi-tier data architecture ensure ultimate adaptability to every requirement.

Thanks to new plug-in architectures introduced in version 6.00, the core functionalities of the DISQOVER platform can be extended with your existing tools and applications – making it an integral part of your enterprise IT ecosystem

Thanks to new plug-in architectures introduced in version 6.00, the core functionalities of the DISQOVER platform can be extended with your existing tools and applications – making it an integral part of your enterprise IT ecosystem.



Most software tools, including analytics solutions, fall into two categories: easy-to-use applications with instant productivity boosts for novice users, and advanced tools that can only be correctly configured and applied by experts.

Through interactive user experiences and customization, DISQOVER 6.00 offers both . Users always get results in real time through a responsive user interface that encourages them to further investigate the data, enabling them to move from basic, pre-scripted frameworks and flows toward free-form knowledge discovery.

In this way, the latest release of the DISQOVER platform empowers people from across the organization to act on data insights tailored to their roles and levels of expertise – and dive more deeply as needed.




DISQOVER 6.00 offers a number of features that transform the way organizations use data to make decisions, including the ability to:

  • - rapidly develop a company-, departmental-, or use case-specific view and dashboard to grow a knowledge pool that everybody can securely access.

  • - save & share search result sets, and use them for filtering.

  • - create knowledge graphs in a matter of days through a highly visual, quality-controlled data aggregation and curation process.

  • - use knowledge graphs to unlock self-service knowledge discovery, as well as to integrate AI and machine-learning applications.


An efficient, intuitive, and versatile transition from data to knowledge is within your grasp with DISQOVER 6.00. Access the free community edition and work with public data sets, or get in touch with our team for a personalized demo.



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