Our management help realize ONTOFORCE's business and organizational objectives through guidance, inspiration and advice.

Berenice Wulbrecht Berenice Wulbrecht

Berenice Wulbrecht

Solution Delivery Director

Our team members

We go for impact in everything we do because we want to change the world.

Martijn Adriaens Martijn Adriaens

Martijn Adriaens

Customer Data Scientist

    Sam Bernaerdt Sam Bernaerdt

    Sam Bernaerdt

    Data Visualisation Engineer

    Kyle Koleoglou Kyle Koleoglou

    Kyle Koleoglou

    Customer Success Director USA

    Bjorn Somers Bjorn Somers

    Bjorn Somers

    QA Software Engineer

      Tamara Stankovic Tamara Stankovic

      Tamara Stankovic

      Customer Data Scientist

      Wim de Waegeneer Wim de Waegeneer

      Wim de Waegeneer

      Senior Software Engineer

        Wijnand Schepens Wijnand Schepens

        Wijnand Schepens

        Senior Software Engineer

          Twinkel Van Impe Twinkel Van Impe

          Twinkel Van Impe

          Application Engineer

            Sean Christiaens Sean Christiaens

            Sean Christiaens

            Product Data Scientist

              Meet the board

              Our board members help realize ONTOFORCE's business and organizational objectives through their experience, review and counsel.

              Hans Constandt Hans Constandt

              Hans Constandt

              Cofol Comm. V.

              Board Member

                Raph Musgrove Raph Musgrove

                Raph Musgrove

                Board Observer

                  Koen Walbers Koen Walbers

                  Koen Walbers

                  LRM Beheer NV

                  Board Member

                    Raf Roelands Raf Roelands

                    Raf Roelands

                    Korys Management NV

                    Board Member

                      Luc Vauterin Luc Vauterin

                      Luc Vauterin

                      Syntaxon BV

                      Board Member

                        Kris Vandenberk Kris Vandenberk

                        Kris Vandenberk

                        Participatiemaatschappij Vlaanderen NV

                        Board Member

                          Annie Vereecken Annie Vereecken

                          Annie Vereecken

                          Heran Partners BV

                          Board Member

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