ONTOFORCE already works for lighthouse customers such as Amgen, UCB, BMS, Roche, Medidata, and numerous other life sciences colleagues. Thanks to the intense collaboration with renowned research institutes such as IMEC, VIB, UGent, KULeuven, and international research and industrial consortia such as ELIXIR, FAIRplus, and Pistoia Alliance, it guarantees that you are engaging with a global player that has made transforming data into insights its primary objective.

Our culture

We always think customer first staying close to the best and latest technologies.
We embrace diversity, integrity, and respect for people and data.
We take pride in what we do because it makes a difference in people’s lives.
We believe changing the world for the better is the best way to feel proud of what we do.

Our story

ONTOFORCE started in 2011 when the founder of the company, Hans Constandt, was frustrated not being able to find the right information to help his sick kid even though he worked as a data scientist and ‘so-called expert’ in a pharma multinational. In his spare time, he started to build the first DISQOVER application to ease access to all relevant open data to find the latest and best information about his kid’s condition. His home-grown project got quite some market traction and this has broadened the scope of just helping his kid. Opening up to a much broader community, and adding and linking many more data sources.

Seasoned entrepreneurs together with support from experts and the Flemish government, his hobby project got out of control. ONTOFORCE was born raising its first money with IMEC iStart and VLAIO. Further seed money from LRM and PMV came in quickly (2013), which was the real start of ONTOFORCE. Hans resigned from Eli Lilly and started working full-time in ONTOFORCE together with a small dedicated start-up team. DISQOVER started to truly scale!

Hans Constandt founder ONTOFORCE portrait

In 2015, ONTOFORCE had to pivot its target audience as selling open data to help patients and researchers only in a B2C model didn’t generate the needed revenue streams. ONTOFORCE started to build an enterprise version with federated search also linking internal data silos. The proposition was built towards a corporate audience, installing it on-premise or in a private cloud environment. The latter has proven to be a success.  Achieving faster growth, starting to work on ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue), and building enterprise-ready data ecosystems.

ONTOFORCE still provides an open data platform, which is totally free to use. It serves as the ultimate test case to clean up and integrate vast amounts of public data, still serving patients and researchers in need of the latest and freshest data on diseases, indications, genes, or drugs. ONTOFORCE has built a strong brand and company culture where excellence, execution, quality, respect, and impact with a sniff of unconventional thinking is still helping patients accelerating public and corporate research.

Links for Lives is still our tagline as we truly think democratizing access to data, using smarter linked data fabrics will help save lives using internal, commercial, and public data in one easy-to-use interface.


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